Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bridging America’s Language Gap: A Call to Action

"We have a responsibility to ourselves and to future generations—as parents, educators, policy-makers, and leaders in business and government—to support language learning in the United States to achieve the following results:
  • Provide Access to Languages for all Age Groups and every level of the education continuum, from early childhood through retirement;
  • Prepare More Language Teachers, without whom we cannot advance language education;
  • Promote Public-Private Partnerships in language education to amplify the work begun in our schools;
  • Support Heritage and Indigenous Language communities in their traditions and birthrights, and as an important and distinctive national resource; and
  • Encourage International Learning Experiences for students, teachers, and workers through educational and professional programs, as a critical aspect of advanced language learning."
Learn more at American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

World-Readiness Standards Overview

What IS world languages learning? How is it different in 2018 than  in 1918-1999?  This four minute video explains the goal areas and standards of the World-Readiness Standards for Language Learning, the foundation for our world languages program in Arlington Public Schools.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February is Lead with Languages Advocacy Month!

 In APS our goal is to support students in developing proficiency in a language other than English and to understand the cultures where those languages are spoken, in order to become responsible global citizens. This short, ninety second video underscores the critical nature of our work and the need to make language proficiency a national priority.

Friday, June 9, 2017

New National World Language Honor Society Officers, 2017-2018

Congratulations to the National World Language Honor Society officers for the class of 2018:

President: Kira Solovay
Vice President: Tali Bers
Communications & Media Officer: Edith Mendez
To learn more about the National World Language Honor Society, please CLICK HERE.

Congratulations to our National Language Exam Winners, 2017!

Arlington is proud to recognize award winners for the National French ContestNational Latin Exam, and National Spanish Exam. Hundred of thousands of students across the country participate in these exams each year, and Arlington consistently has Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners at all levels.

Congratulations both to these students and to their hard-working teachers!

National French Contest 

8th Grade - French 1B
Annika Lof
Lauren Bain

Alba Arias
Helen Bonardi
Julia Dasilva
Meghna Gite
Boris Gross
Katerina Krstanovic

Emma Davison
Rebecca Kalik
Anoushka Oke
Benjamis Resnick
Joshua Scelfo
Mae Scelfo

French 1
Cristina Diaz Delgado 

French 2

Madeline Brosius 
Ella Simring 
Eleanore Walsh 

Nathaniel Dorson 
Lena Goodnow
Davis Rennella 
Audrey Skehan 

Eve Alton 
Heather Kirtley 
Jane Kuper 
Matthew Peterson 
Hanuman Vakil 

French 3

Tali Bers
Annie Cave 
Christian DeFrondeville
Eleonora Leno 
Pamina Mejia 

Catherine DeFrondeville
Lily DiCesare-Snyder
Junyi (Michelle) He 
Calire Kitzmiller 
Juliette Stokes 

Savannah Curro 
Anne Schoonmaker 
Sowmya Yelleswarapu 

French 4

Reese Green

Marshall Joun
Beatrice Schueller
Grace Skehan
Isabella Wolfsdorf

French 1B - 8th Grade

French 1B - 8th Grade

French 1B - 8th Grade

French 2

French 2

French 3 
French 3 

French 4

French 4
French 5

National Latin Exam 
Latin 1
Bronze (magna cum laude)
Alexander Makowka
Tyler Stewart
Matthew Richardson

Latin 2
Gold (summa cum laude)

Liam Barthelmy
Felix Moisand
Anya Miller
Crystal Zhu

Silver (maxima cum laude)
Peter Angotti
Irene Johnson
Miranda Johnston
Zoe Pappas

Bronze (magna cum laude)
Ian Carman
Lauren Murphy
Noe Romero
Jason White

Latin 3
Gold (summa cum laude)

Brett Kahmann
Alexandra Tse
Nina Wang

Silver (maxima cum laude)
Isaiah Donovan
Spencer Friedman
Max Garrity-Janger
Samuel Goldstein
Margaret Horgan
Nitya Sompuram
Stefan Winkler

Bronze (magna cum laude)
Sylvia Billingsley
Matthew Goebel
Michael Graham-Green
Benjamin Philbin
Julianna McCabe

Latin 4
Gold (summa cum laude)

Hannah Alton

Bronze (magna cum laude)
Charlotte Bell
Natasha Colman
Kira Solovay
Gayatri Sundar Rajan
Eric Tighe
Christopher Tighe

Latin 1

Latin 1
Latin 2

Latin 2
Latin 3

Latin 3
Latin 4

Latin 4
Latin 5

National Spanish Exam 
8th Grade - Spanish 1B

Allison Rodger

Aliza Kopans
Sagar Rastogi
Lucas Tapiero
Erin Walsh
Alexine Wey
Amy Zou

Genevieve Baldwin
Sierra Curro
Charles Keating
Roger Kutnya
Emma Levell
Michelle Mahoney
Halle Snell
Sofia Westerhoff
Samuel Whitney

Spanish 1
Morgan Curley
Nayara Rodrigues 

Matt Bandar
Isabella Santos 

Spanish 2

Eli Barlow 
Joanie Cha 
Lana Popovic 
Kiran Pyles
Theodora Rosen 
Juliet Smith 
Lilah Vieweg
Keziah Wilde

Katja Ampe
Jonathan Cayer
Neeraja Deshpande 
Rafaela Diamond
Elina Gorokhovsky 
Grant Griesman
Jackson Kabelitz 
Yanni Kechriotis 
Sam Landau 
Matthew Loosian 
Maha Noor
Calvin Olsen 
Eileen Tucci
Jess Twohig
Oliver Wolf 

Sandali Chandraratne
Helen Croteau
David Gydus
Catherine Harris 
Andrew Harrison 
Kai Hazard 
Ben Kohlberg
Anna Kuklinski 
Tenzin Lhamo
Maryn Mcconkey
Marie-Elizabeth Nogard 
Ryan Oosting 
Natalie Swift 

Spanish 3 

Haneen Abderrazzaq 
Leonardo Drake 
Gil Kim 

Naomi Askenazi 
André DaSilva 
Henry Fox-Jurkowitz 
Hikaru Koga
Liz Pegram 

Jabar Awad
Jessie Cali 
Reina Conti
Isabella Dray
Sahil Duvadie 
Louise Eddy
Tiago Gomes 
Jennifer Jordahl 
David Orians
Lila Panico
Lucas Plotkin
Clara Tully 
Francesco Valagussa 
Lucia Voges 

Spanish 4

Grace Willoughby

Ethan Hall
Fiona Lessell

Prathana Dhungel

Spanish 1B - 8th Grade

Spanish 1B - 8th Grade
Spanish 1B - 8th Grade
Spanish 1

Spanish 1
Spanish 2

Spanish 2

Spanish 2
Spanish 2

Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 3
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
Spanish 4

Spanish 4
Spanish 5

Thursday, May 25, 2017

MaFLA Board of Director Awards Given to AHS Seniors

Please join us in congratulating our seniors for their outstanding work in their world language studies. The following students have been awarded the MaFLA Board of Directors Award.

Eleni Blanas - Leadership in Foreign Language Activities
Grace Mungenast - Scholarship in Latin
Grace Caulo - Scholarship in Mandarin
Eleni Blanas - Scholarship in Spanish
Tarangana Thapa - Scholarship in French
Olivia Bonardi - Scholarship in Italian

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Students Travel to France!

AHS students were off to France over April break as part of the longstanding France Exchange program. We were partnered with the Lycée Saint Aspais in Melun, about an hour south of Paris. Students visited Paris, Fontainebleau, and a number of Chateaux in the Loire valley, while also attending a few days in a French high school. Each student stayed with their host family for a true immersion experience.

The next French Exchange will be planned for the 2018-2019 school year.