Language Clubs

We offering the following language clubs to our students! Clubs are open to all students whether or not they are enrolled in the language. Clubs may charge a membership fee to help cover the cost of materials.

Arlington High School
Latin Club
Faculty Adviser: Ed Foley (

French Club
Faculty Adviser: JoLinda Alderuccio (
The French Club is open to all students with the goal of sharing and celebrating French and Francophone culture. As members of the French Club, students will make crêpes, celebrate the holidays with bûches de noël, take a trip to a French restaurant, and a variety of other activities.
Students are encouraged to join our FaceBook page to stay current on upcoming events!

Italian Club
Faculty Adviser: Tony Di Sanzo (
The Italian Club is open to all students who are interested in exploring Italian culture.

Mandarin Club
not currently offered
AHS Mandarin Club will help club members understand the language, culture, customs and history of China. The club will allow the students to have a closer look at contemporary China and get opportunities to communicate with teenagers in China. We will have varieties of activities such as lectures about Chinese cultures and customs, projects such as posters, paper-cutting and other handcrafts, Chinese fairy-tale acting, Chinese knowledge competitions or Mandarin speaking contests.

Spanish Club
Faculty Adviser: Christina Toro (
The goal of the Spanish Club at Arlington High School is to bring together students who are passionate about the Spanish language and culture. As members of the Spanish Club, the students will deepen their knowledge of the Hispanic world by engaging in a variety of activities such as movie nights, art projects, trips to local restaurants, service projects, and holiday celebrations.

Ottoson Middle School
Latin Club
Faculty Adviser: Cassandra Mea (
Club Website:
The Latin Club at OMS, an official chapter of the Junior Classical League, is a club open to ALL students. This is an educational and social club for those who are enthusiastic about the Ancient World. In particular, we do crafts, activities, and games that focus on Greek and Roman culture, mythology, history, art, and language. Latin Club meets every other Thursday and includes approximately one field trip per year. Feel free to check out our blog for updates and summaries of previous activities!"


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