Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Chariot Race in Latin Class

To celebrate the recent snow storm, a chariot race was undertaken in Ms. Holt's middle school Latin classes. A student read a Latin prayer, the class made a sacrifice of a stuffed animal lamb, and then the patron of the games (Ms. Holt mostly) signaled the start of the race. Students raced around a mini Circus Maximus with two students pulling the "currus" or chariot (a sled) one being the "auriga" or charioteer. Students had a list of various things to yell in Latin to encourage each other. The race lasted only about 15 minutes due to the cold, but fun was definitely had by all.​​

Some of the handout:
Sacrificium: Iuppiter, te hoc ture ommovendo bonas preces precor, uti sies volens propitius urbi nostrae populoque.


Ludi Incipiant!

Latin Cheers:

  • Agedum!- Come on!
  • Macte!- Good job!
  • Macte virtute!- Good job, bro!
  • Celerrime!- Faster!
  • Euge!- Well Done!
  • Ego russatis/albatis/venetis/prasinis faveo!

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