Friday, February 17, 2017

Language Teachers Present at NECTFL Conference

Ottoson French teacher, Anne Zachary, and World Language Director, Catherine Ritz, presented at the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL) in New York city last week, managing to travel despite the pair of snow storms! NECTFL is a regional language teacher conference including states from Maine to Maryland.

Anne presented a session entitled, "Make an Impression: Enhancing Cultural and Linguistic Proficiency With Art," and Catherine presented a session entitled, "Assessing Performance: Moving From Chapter Tests to Authentic Assessments."

A snowy train ride to NYC!

A snowy train ride to NYC!

Attendees at Catherine's session

A slide from Catherine's session

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  1. In order to live in germany after my studies i took a germanSuper Intensive course, the language school really opened my mind for the german language