Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Open Mic Performances, by Juliana Bird

Open Mic Performances
By: Juliana Bird
April 31, 2016

On April 28th, there was an open mic event that included performances from interested students here at AHS. Students were encouraged to perform spoken word/acoustic or original work. There was a variety of performances that included Italian, Latin and Japanese poetry to original poetry, a series of Calvin and Hobbes, a picture book reading, and everything in between.

Mrs. Kitsis and the Student Library Committee organized the event to give students from AHS a chance to express their love of poetry and expose their original work. It was quite a success with over 15 readings and 25 audience members.

The structure of the event was unique. Students in the audience who hadn’t signed up for participation ahead of time could spontaneously fill out a participation form and read a poem. There was a variety of poetry books scattered about to spark inspiration. The accepting system allowed for about six impromptu performances.  

To start off the show, senior Jacob Deck sang a ballad and playing the harp. The event coordinator then performed the first poem: Ophemandius by Percy Bysshe.

Over the course of the event, there were many different poems read in their native languages. Junior, Owen Niles, read two poems in Italian and then summarized their meanings to the audience. Junior, Amelia Ostling also read a Latin poem written by one of the only female Latin poets. In addition, Mandarin teacher, Ms. Yuen, read an ancient chinese poem from 600AD about the beauty of the swan.

Teachers performed poetry as well. Mrs. Kitsis read the Jabberwocky picturebook. Mrs. Walsh-Bradley read an original poem called Ode to Coffee that she had written last minute that morning.

All of the performances were well done whether they were spontaneous or not. The Open Mic Event of 2017 was a success and the Student Library Committee hopes to continue the tradition in years to come.


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