Wednesday, June 22, 2016

OMS Montréal Trip Planned for 2016-2017

We are excited to announce a new trip next year for our French students at the Middle School! Ottoson French teacher, Anne Zachary, will be leading a trip to Montréal during April vacation, 2017. This trip is open to all 7th and 8th grade students enrolled in French.

A deposit of $250 is due by October 15, 2016 to reserve your spot. Students should register online using the following link:

Please click here for the TRIP ITINERARY and PRICING.
Please click here for a SLIDE PRESENTATION about the trip.

Please contact Ms. Zachary ( for more information.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Middle Schoolers Raise Money for Teosinte Students

After studying about life in Arlington's sister-city, Teosinte, El Salvador, 7th grade students were eager to help the youth of Teosinte by raising money to send them to high school. Currently, students in Teosinte can only go to school for grades 1-8, and although many kids would like to attend high school, their families cannot afford the $90/month fee. 7th grade Spanish students held two fundraisers selling handmade friendship bracelets and other goods to Arlington students and parents. All items were made in Teosinte and 100% of the profits went to helping Teosinte students attend high school. The 7th graders were able to raise almost $600, which will allow a Teosinte student to attend high school for four months next year.

Congratulations to these students for their hard work and dedication, as well as to Spanish teacher Ali Matson for organizing this important event!

Café Parisien, 2016

French students in Véronique Lahey's French 4 class competed last week in the popular Café Parisien project, presenting their proposals to a jury of judges. A year-long project, students must prepare a business proposal for a new café or restaurant in Paris (of course, this must be entirely in French!). Details are crucial, and students must include financial models, a restaurant layout, a marketing plan, a menu, and sample food for the judges to taste during their presentation.

Félicitations to this year's winners: Marie Olland, Arianna Fiorentini, and Tarangana Thapa

Marie Olland, Arianna Fiorentini, Tarangana Thapa

French & Spanish Global Interviews

Ottoson Spanish & French teachers Merridith Minerd's and Paula Nicholas' 8th grade students completed an end-of-year summative assessment in which they had to interview a native or advanced speaker of Spanish and French. The objectives were three-fold: to build oral proficiency, community and global awareness of the diaspora of the French and Spanish-speaking world. Students included questions from all four units of study: family/home, food, health, and clothing. Although students prepared questions in advance, they were expected to demonstrate communication skills and strategies in asking unscripted follow-up questions and making appropriate comments. Interviews included conversations with classmates, teachers, family members, friends, and neighbors, both locally and as far away as Spain, France, Canada, Germany and San Francisco.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Seal of Biliteracy Awards!

We are proud to announce that the following students have qualified to be awarded the Seal of Biliteracy, according to state and national guidelines. The Seal of Biliteracy is an award in recognition of students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. The Seal of Biliteracy encourages students to pursue biliteracy, honors the skills our students attain, and can be evidence of skills that are attractive to future employers and college admissions offices. 

The majority of students who participated in testing for the Seal of Biliteracy were current juniors. Additional testing sessions will be offered for students in November and May of the 2016-2017 school year. We will be holding an Award Ceremony next year for all qualifying students, and students will be given certificates and pins at that time. If you would like to learn more about how to apply for the Seal of Biliteracy at Arlington High School, please click here.


Platinum Seal - 
Advanced Low Proficiency
BARCHUK, Mykhaylo (Latin)
FRIEDMAN, Spencer (Latin)
GATES, Jessica (Latin)
GLICK, Eliza (Latin)
O'BRIEN, Erin (Spanish)
O'KEEFE, Samuel (French)
OSTLING, Amelia (Latin)
ROSSI-FORTUNATI, Julieta (Spanish)
TAPIERO, Nicolas (Spanish)
TRACEY, Alice (French)
WANG, Nina (Portuguese)
WANG, Nina (Latin)

Gold Seal - 
Intermediate High Proficiency
DURST, Sarah (Latin)
FRIEDMAN, Spencer (German)
JACOB-DOLAN, Jeremiah (Latin)
LEWIS, Alexandra (Spanish)
LINCOLN, Sharon (French)
LUSHI, Xheni (Latin)
MENDEZ, Rebecca (Spanish)
PLOTKIN, Sophie (Spanish)
RAGY, Mariam (Latin)
ROTHENBERG, Elsa (Spanish)
VEATCH, Roy (Latin)

Silver Seal - 
Intermediate Mid Proficiency
AYAD, Mustapha (Spanish)
BIRD, Juliana (Latin)
BLANAS, Eleni (Spanish)
BLANAS, Marinos (Spanish)
COLETY, Benjamin (French)
HURLEY, Emilie (Latin)
KLEIN, Alex (French)
MITRI, Peter (Spanish)
MORE, Gurpinder (Spanish)
NILES, Owen (Italian)
OLLAND, Marie (French)
PATHAK, Nachiket (French)
RAO, Ajay (Spanish)
SMITH, Timothy (Spanish)
TOMILSON, Sarah (French)
VELAGOSHTI, Viola (Latin)
VERSPYCK, Adrian (French)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Open Mic Performances, by Juliana Bird

Open Mic Performances
By: Juliana Bird
April 31, 2016

On April 28th, there was an open mic event that included performances from interested students here at AHS. Students were encouraged to perform spoken word/acoustic or original work. There was a variety of performances that included Italian, Latin and Japanese poetry to original poetry, a series of Calvin and Hobbes, a picture book reading, and everything in between.

Mrs. Kitsis and the Student Library Committee organized the event to give students from AHS a chance to express their love of poetry and expose their original work. It was quite a success with over 15 readings and 25 audience members.

The structure of the event was unique. Students in the audience who hadn’t signed up for participation ahead of time could spontaneously fill out a participation form and read a poem. There was a variety of poetry books scattered about to spark inspiration. The accepting system allowed for about six impromptu performances.  

To start off the show, senior Jacob Deck sang a ballad and playing the harp. The event coordinator then performed the first poem: Ophemandius by Percy Bysshe.

Over the course of the event, there were many different poems read in their native languages. Junior, Owen Niles, read two poems in Italian and then summarized their meanings to the audience. Junior, Amelia Ostling also read a Latin poem written by one of the only female Latin poets. In addition, Mandarin teacher, Ms. Yuen, read an ancient chinese poem from 600AD about the beauty of the swan.

Teachers performed poetry as well. Mrs. Kitsis read the Jabberwocky picturebook. Mrs. Walsh-Bradley read an original poem called Ode to Coffee that she had written last minute that morning.

All of the performances were well done whether they were spontaneous or not. The Open Mic Event of 2017 was a success and the Student Library Committee hopes to continue the tradition in years to come.


Monday, June 13, 2016

Congratulations to our National Language Exam Winners!

Arlington is proud to recognize award winners for the National French Contest, National Latin Exam, and National Spanish Exam. Hundred of thousands of students across the country participate in these exams each year, and Arlington consistently has Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners at all levels.

Congratulations both to these students and their hard-working teachers!

National French Contest

8th Grade - French 1B
Ella Simring
Chiara Ruberto

Maddie Brosius
Anais Clinch 
Lillian Montilla
Audrey Skehan 

Eve Alton 
Nate Dorson 
Lena Goodnow 
Heather Kirtley
Avril Lynch
Matt Peterson 
Ella Walsh 
Elizabeth Wren 

French 2
Annie Cave 
Savannah Curro
Caroline Dressler 
Catherine DeFrondeville
Christian DeFrondeville


Ellyce Chisholm-Matzek 
August Hoglund 
Claire Kitzmiller 
Eleonora Leto 
Pamina Mejia 
Jacqueline Smith 


Nezar Nokrachi 
Anne Schoonmaker 
Abby Simon 
Sowmya Yelleswarapu 
 Jamila Zanobetti Foreman

French 3


Noa Donlan
Chloe Morgenstern
Erin O’Brien
Ashley Wicks


Maxime Aranow
Reese Green 
Beatrice Schueller


Marshall Joun
Annalie O’Brien
Grace Skehan
Isabella Wolfsdorf

French 4
Kate Carr 


Ben Colety
Julian Flesh
Clinton Garrahan
Natchiket Pathak 
Marie Olland
Minerva Veeser-Bobea

French 1B - 8th Grade - Front Row (L to R): Eve Alton (Bronze), Anais Clinch (Silver), Audrey Skehan (Silver), Lena Goodnow (Bronze), Chiara Ruberto (Gold), Elizabeth Wren (Bronze); Back Row (L to R): Nate Dorson (Bronze), Ella Walsh (Bronze), Matt Peterson (Bronze), Ella Simring (Gold), Avril Lynch (Bronze), Lillian Montilla (Silver), Maddie Brosius (Silver), Heather Kirtley (Bronze)
French 2
French 2
French 2 
French 3
French 4

National Latin Exam

8th Grade - Latin 1B
Liam Barthelmy
Anya Miller

Calvin Pike
Irene Johnson
Chrystal Zhu

Xavier Dolen
Lauren Murphy
Zoe Pappas

Latin 2

Brett Kahmann
Alexandra Tse
Nina Wang 
Andrew “A.J.” Wilson


Sylvia Billngsley 
Grace Biondi 
Oz Breton 
Gavin Cho 
Alana Colety 
Isaiah Donovan 
Spencer Friedman 
Max Garrity-Janger
Sam Goldstein
Michael Graham-Green
Maggie Horgan 
Ashby Loshin 
Chance Philbin
Zack Solovay

Latin 3

Charlotte Bell 
Josefine Kynvi
Julietta Rossi-Fortunati
Kira Solovay

Latin 4
Meg McDonald 
Grace Mungenast 


Sarah Durst
Eliza Glick 
Amelia Ostling 
Mariam Ragy

8th Grade - Latin 1B
8th Grade - Latin 1B
Latin 2
Latin 2
Latin 3
Latin 4
Latin 4

National Spanish Exam

8th Grade - Spanish 1B
Joan Cha
Grant Greisman
Maha Noor
Lana Popovic
Theo Rosen

Eli Barlow
Rafaela Diamond
David Gydus
Andrew Harrison
Kai Hazard
Sara Kushnirsky
Marie Elizabeth Nogard
Iris McAllister
Maryn McConkey
Kiran Pyles
Juliet Smith
Eileen Tucci
Helen Willoughby

Danielle Bernstein
Maggie Cardonna
Jonathan Cayer
Declan Dolan
Mitchell Fessler
Anna Hinkel
Jackson Kabelitz
Matthew Loosian
Emilia Mannstadt
Julia Miller
Calvin Olsen
Alyssa Paolillo
Maya Roth

Spanish 1
Katja Ampe

Lilah Vieweg
Spanish 2
Haneen Abderrazzaq
Jabar Awad
Ian Burnett
Winston Chen
Tiago Gomes
Abigail Hodgdon
Gil Kim
David Orians
Elizabeth Pegram
Lucas Plotkin
Clara Tully
Francesco Valagussa

Naomi Askenazi
Benjamin Brown
Jessie Cali
Jeffrey Candell
Andre Dasilva
Leonardo Drake
Sahil Duvadie
Henry Fox
Chloe Jackson
Jennifer Jordahl
Lulu Eddy
Venice Mountain-Zona
Allison Pugliese
Lucia Voges
Lauren White

Kelly Brosnan
Reina Conti
Isabella Dray
Rhandy Germosen
Max Hannon
Ethan Johnson
Hikaru Koga
Aidan LaValley
Lila Panico
Isabella Scopetski
Khushi Singh

Spanish 3

Quinn Connell 
Ethan Hall 
Ben Hoffinger 


Gabriela Awad 
Amy Cunniff 
Charlie Deakin
Grace Willoughby 


Ionis Kutrolli 
Fiona Lassell 
Sean Mahoney 
Sarah Shaller
Marina Wagner

Spanish 4

Eleni Blanas 
Clara Hevia 
Austin Lu 
Insa Mannstadt 


Nicole Haas-Loomis 
Patrick O’Toole 
Elsa Rothenberg

8th Grade - Spanish 1B: Top Row (Left to Right): Mitchell Fessler, Eileen Tucci, Theo Rosen, Marie Elizabeth Nogard, Sara Kushnirsky, Rafaela Diamond; Bottom Row (Left to Right): Anna Hinkel, Emilia Mannstadt, Alyssa Paolillo
8th Grade - Spanish 1B
8th Grade - Spanish 1B
8th Grade - Spanish 1B
8th Grade - Spanish 1B
8th Grade - Spanish 1B 
Spanish 2
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 3
Spanish 3
Spanish 4

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Exemplary French Program Award

The World Language Department has just received our plaque and official certificate from the American Association of Teachers of French for the Exemplary French Program Award with Honors that was received this year. The French teachers all got together recently for a group photo. We are so honored to receive this award and to provide a strong and engaging French program to our students here in Arlington. Thank you, as well, to the district administrators who support our program and to the parents in the community who appreciate how valuable the French language is. Merci, merci!

From left to right: Paula Nicholas (Ottoson Middle School French Teacher), Anne Zachary (Ottoson Middle School French Teacher), JoLinda Alderuccio (Arlington High School French Teacher), Véronique Lahey (Arlington High School French Teacher), and Catherine Ritz (Director of World Languages and French Teacher)

Friday, June 3, 2016

AATF Outstanding Senior in French!

Félicitations to Alice Tracey for being awarded the AATF (American Association of Teachers of French) Outstanding Senior Award!

To qualify for the award, a student must have maintained an A average in French, have maintained a B average overall, have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the study of French by participating in extracurricular activities related to French such as the Grand Concours, study abroad, National French Week activities, or French Club, Pi Delta Phi, tutoring, have completed at least three years of formal French study, and be a non-native speaker of French. 

Congratulations, Alice!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Senior Awards & Seal of Biliteracy

Congratulations to all our graduating seniors! 

We are happy to announce this year's senior award winners:

  • Scholarship in French Studies: Kiran Gite
  • Scholarship in Italian Studies: Trevor Stinson
  • Scholarship in Latin Studies: Ian Bernardin
  • Scholarship in Mandarin Studies: Yuran Tsuchida
  • Scholarship in Spanish Studies: Erin O’Brien
  • Leadership in Foreign Language Activities: Erin O'Brien
From left to right: Christina Toro (Spanish teacher), Erin O'Brien (Spanish award winner & Leadership award winner); Meagan Bassett (Spanish teacher); Ian Bernardin (Latin award winner); Yuran Tsuchida (Mandarin award winner); Konwen Yuen (Mandarin teacher); Véronique Lahey (French teacher); Kiran Gite (French award winner); Tony Di Sanzo (Italian teacher); Trevor Stinson

We are also excited to announce the first students to be awarded the Seal of Biliteracy at Arlington High School! This new award recognizes students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. Arlington High School is piloting the award this year, testing mostly juniors. These three seniors were eager to participate as well and have set the bar high for future students by all attaining the highest level of the award. Bravo!
  • Erin O'Brien: Platinum Seal of Biliteracy - Advanced Low Spanish
  • Samuel O'Keefe: Platinum Seal of Biliteracy - Advanced Low French
  • Alice Tracey: Platinum Seal of Biliteracy - Advanced Low French
Erin O'Brien
Samuel O'Keefe
Alice Tracey

OMS Spanish Students Skype with Native Speakers from Colombia

As part of middle school Spanish teacher Alexa Finck's goal to help her students make global connections, 8th graders recently had the opportunity to Skype with different people from Colombia. One group had the challenge to find out information about our guest using spoken Spanish while communicating with someone who is hard-of-hearing (and speaks fluent Colombian Sign Language in addition to being able to read lips and speak Spanish). As preparation for the challenge, students worked on enunciating words and sentences in a way that people could read their lips and understand what they were saying. Students became curious about sign language and the deaf community, and asked in a follow-up session to learn an expression or vocabulary in ASL (American Sign Language) or any variation of sign language to teach it to their new friend, Francisco. Students chose some signs people may need when visiting the United States. Students did research and were ready to share their knowledge with our friend using spoken Spanish and Sign Language. This activity raised awareness about the importance of learning languages and using more than just words to convey a message. Moreover, some students went above and beyond the activity and explored more of their native languages and the sign language used as equivalent. It was an enriching experience for all participants.