Thursday, March 24, 2016

Latin Students Participate in Certaman Tournaments

Certamen, coming from the Latin word for “contest,” is a team competition, in the style of quiz-bowl, in which contestants answer questions about classical history, culture, mythology, and the Latin language.  This year, under the umbrella of the Latin Club, our Certamen Club nearly doubled in size, due to a huge influx of dedicated, bright and enthusiastic freshmen.  As part of the MassJCL, we have competed, or are scheduled to compete in, every tournament available to us this year. We have traveled as far as Yale and as close as just down the road at Harvard to compete.  The culmination of our hard work and tournament attendance will be MassJCL State Convention, held in late April in Barnstable.  

Many of the new members this year have even gone so far as to request, prepare for, and attend morning subject specific study groups, in addition to the regular club practice every other week.  I am always astounded by the dedication, intelligence and enthusiasm of these amazing kids. Words cannot express how incredibly proud and honored I am to help guide these budding classicists on their path to Certamen glory. Here is an image of one of our novice teams competing at Boston University in early March and an image of our intermediate team competing at Yale University in November of 2015.

- Cassandra Mea, AHS Latin Teacher

Intermediates at Yale, November 2015
Novices at SCL Tournament at Boston University, March 2016​

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