Friday, February 26, 2016

Announcing the Global Competence Program at AHS!

Arlington High School is proud to announce the launch of a new initiative: the Global Competence Program.

The AHS Global Competence Program (GCP) is designed to foster students’ global awareness, and, in so doing, provide AHS graduates with the essential skills for participating in and contributing to an increasingly globalized society. GCP participants will:
  • Think Globally: Have an increased knowledge of their relationship to the world; think about issues from a global perspective; gain an appreciation for other world cultures, viewpoints and perspectives.
  • Communicate Effectively: Improve their foreign language skills and their ability to communicate with people across cultural and language divides.
  • Contribute Responsibly: Use their global knowledge to interact and build relationships with people from other cultures; actively seek world knowledge to develop their own values and perspectives; demonstrate respect, open mindedness, understanding and flexibility in behavior and thinking; help others to embrace multiple perspectives.
The Global Competence Program is open to all students and students are encouraged to submit their Initial Application early in their high school career in order to have time to complete all required components. Upon successful completion, students will be awarded a Global Competence Certificate and pin for graduation. More information including all requirements and paperwork can be found here:

A component of this program is foreign travel. Please help support our students by making a donation to the Global Education Fund, which awards travel scholarships to students enrolled in this program. Please send a check made out to “Arlington High School” with “Global Travel Fund” on the memo line. Checks should be mailed to Catherine Ritz, Director of World Languages, Arlington High School, 869 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA, 02476. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping make travel a reality for our students in need!

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