Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ottoson WL Teachers Visit Elementary Schools

World Language Director, Catherine Ritz, Ottoson Latin Teacher, Abbi Holt, and Ottoson Mandarin Teacher, Na Lu-Hogan visited all seven elementary schools this week to introduce 5th grade students to the language program and do mini-lessons in Latin and Mandarin.

Students were surprised how quickly they learned to count in Mandarin from 1-5, as Ms. Lu led them through an easy game. She awarded panda stickers to students who could count on their own. Using a traditional "binding spell," Ms. Holt taught students how to cast a spell in Latin to someone who stole something. Students all learned the magic word to put the spell in motion: Bazagra!

All students were sent home with a letter regarding selecting their language for the year. Students are able to choose from one of the four language offerings at the Ottoson: French, Latin, Mandarin, or Spanish.

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