Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mandarin Field Trip to Chinatown

Mandarin students in Ms. Yuen's classes went to Chinatown in Boston last week to sample authentic Chinese cuisine, visit the BubbleTea house, and shop in local grocery stores.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Spanish Club Sells "Pulseras" to Support Student Scholarships

AHS Spanish Club, led by teacher Christina Toro, sold pulseras today to raise funds for the Arlington-Teosinte Sister City Project which provides scholarships for students in El Salvador to continue their education. Pulseras are hand-made bracelets by local artisans in El Salvador. The Spanish Club hopes to raise a few hundred dollars to support this cause.

Ms. Toro (center) with Spanish Club student leaders Erin Ay (left) and Bella Pajevic (right)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ottoson WL Teachers Visit Elementary Schools

World Language Director, Catherine Ritz, Ottoson Latin Teacher, Abbi Holt, and Ottoson Mandarin Teacher, Na Lu-Hogan visited all seven elementary schools this week to introduce 5th grade students to the language program and do mini-lessons in Latin and Mandarin.

Students were surprised how quickly they learned to count in Mandarin from 1-5, as Ms. Lu led them through an easy game. She awarded panda stickers to students who could count on their own. Using a traditional "binding spell," Ms. Holt taught students how to cast a spell in Latin to someone who stole something. Students all learned the magic word to put the spell in motion: Bazagra!

All students were sent home with a letter regarding selecting their language for the year. Students are able to choose from one of the four language offerings at the Ottoson: French, Latin, Mandarin, or Spanish.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Ma France" Visits AHS for National French Week

Local Arlington store, Ma France, visited AHS during National French Week (November 4-10) to judge a French pastry contest in Véronique Lahey's French 4 class. Students each found an authentic French pastry recipe, and brought in their creations for all to taste and share. Students made mousse au chocolat, des macarons, une tarte aux pommes, and other delicacies. The two owners of Ma France, Cécile and François Attard, judged the food and awarded a free crêpe at their store to the winners.

Mandarin Students Visit Dumpling House

Ottoson Mandarin teacher, Na Lu-Hogan, recently took her class went to the Dumpling House in Arlington Heights. Students ordered, discussed taste, and joked around in Mandarin. The food was delicious, and everyone had fun. During lunch, a Mandarin teacher from Lexington who happened to be eating in the restaurant heard the group speaking Mandarin, and came over to their table to compliment their language skills. She even said that they spoke better than most of her students! It was definitely a booster for the students' confidence in speaking Mandarin.