Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Teacher Professional Day Digs in to Authentic Assessment

On the November 2nd Teacher Professional Day this week, World Language teachers attended a full-day training led by international expert and author Bonnie Adair-Hauck. Bonnie is the author of "Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment," and the training focused on developing these types of assessments, which are commonly referred to as IPAs.

An important focus of IPAs is first selecting an "authentic document," which is defined in world language as something created by a native speaker for a native speaker, as opposed to materials developed for language learners. A series of assessments are then designed to fit the theme of the unit to best use the authentic document. These connected assessments focus on the so-called "three modes of communication": 1) Interpretive - reading and listening to authentic material and interpreting its meaning, 2) Interpersonal - engaging in a spontaneous two-way dialogue or written communication about what has been read or listened to, and finally, 3) Presentational - preparing a spoken or written presentation, essay, article, etc. These three modes are joined through the IPA with a connective theme, and focus on a real-world task in which students need to draw on their language skills.

This training was part of a long-term vision to shift curriculum to focus on developing student proficiency in the language through authentic, real-world language use.

Bonnie Adair-Hauck leading a discussion.

AHS Spanish Teachers collaborated on developing an IPA for their classes.

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