Monday, November 16, 2015

"Perfil en Facebook" - Integrating Technology & Language in Spanish Class

Students in Maria Arévalo's Spanish 1 class used their language and technology skills to create authentic Facebook profiles in GoogleDrive. Ms. Arévalo developed the project as a summative assessment focusing on students' ability to provide basic information about themselves, talk about likes and dislikes, and ask basic questions.

According to Ms. Arévalo, the project followed these steps:
  1. Students worked on the computer lab with a Facebook Profile on model profile that I had created in Spanish. They had to answer the questions on a comprehension guide while reading the profile.
  2. After that, students had to pick a famous person and, using information from the model template, they had to create the Facebook profile of that person. Students were encouraged to choose a Spanish speaker.
  3. After students submitted their profiles, I had students look at each other's work in the Language Lab. Students had a table with information about different characters, and had to navigate through the profiles of their classmates looking for the name of the character who responded to that information. For example: Es de Colombia, pero vive en Barcelona ¿Quién es?
Here are some sample Facebook profiles these beginning language students created:

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