Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MaFLA Awards for Outstanding Students

Congratulations to five seniors who have been awarded the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Board of Directors Award for Excellence, which recognizes one student per language who has demonstrated excellence in the most advanced course of each language taught in a school. Students must have also distinguished themselves for leadership in foreign language activity.

Congratulations to:

William Doyle (Advanced Placement Latin)
Christina Kennedy (Advanced Placement Spanish & Spanish 5 Honors - Spanish Cinema)
Kayla Bertucci (Italian 2 Honors)
Mitchell Kwok (Mandarin 4 Honors)
Julia Blass (Advanced Placement French)

From left: Latin teacher Ed Foley, Latin student William Doyle; Spanish teacher Meagan Bassett, Spanish student Christina Kennedy, Spanish teacher Christina Toro; French teacher Véronique Lahey, French student Julia Blass; Mandarin student Mitchelle Kwok; Italian student Kayla Bertucci, Italian teacher Tony Di Sanzo

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