Monday, June 22, 2015

Café Parisien Winners!

French students in Véronique Lahey's French 4 class competed in the popular Café Parisien project, presenting their proposals to a jury of judges. A year-long project, students must prepare a business proposal for a new café or restaurant in Paris (of course, this must be entirely in French!). Details are crucial, and students must include financial models, a restaurant layout, a marketing plan, a menu, and sample food for the judges to taste during their presentation.

The quality of the presentations this year was outstanding, with one judge commenting: "Every year, I am impressed by the creativity of the students. It is truly amazing to see how much they are involved in the Café Parisien project; their interest, enthusiasm and participation with the goal to deliver the very best. This is such a great way to engage students in an interesting and inspiring experience or eventually a career start :-)"

Félicitations to this year's winners!

1. First Place with (for the first time) 100 of the points: AUBERGINE
Kiran Gite, Louisa Kuper, Susannah Benn, Anne Higgins

2. Second place with 97%: ZÉRO 
Vignesh Chockalingam, Andrew Peterson, Mila Stanojevic

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