Wednesday, May 27, 2015

AEF Continuing Scholar Award for Travel to Costa Rica

AHS Spanish teacher, Katia Haberman, was awarded $1,250 to support her travel to Costa Rica this summer as part of a trip for teachers through Costa Rican Resource Educational Tours. Ms. Haberman plans to collect information about Costa Rica and the small village of Sitio de Mata, where she will be staying, to support students in developing richer cultural understanding. We look forward to learning more about Ms. Haberman's visit next year. ¡Buen viaje!

Monday, May 18, 2015

AEF Continuing Scholar Award for Travel to Cuba

Ottoson Spanish teacher, Tara Kfoury, was recently awarded the Arlington Education Foundation's Continuing Scholar Award in the amount of $2,500 for her plans to travel to Cuba this summer.

Here is an excerpt from her grant application. We wish her ¡un buen viaje!

"This December, I have become aware of an amazing opportunity to learn firsthand from within the country's borders about Cuba. As described within my proposal, I will have the ability to speak with Cuban educators, politicians, historians, and everyday Cuban citizens alongside educators throughout the United States.  I will develop a photo journal, written memoir, and create portfolio of important documents that will enhance my teaching of this illusive and isolated neighbor to the south.  I will provide my colleagues at APS with an opportunity to view and discuss all that I will have learned from this experience both during department, faculty, and professional development meetings during the 2015 school year.  I will prepare to present a demonstration to the AEF board and its members alongside School Committee if desired.  

This opportunity could not have come at a more momentous time in US-Cuban History, as our current presidential staff and the Castro regime work to form a renewed alliance after more than 50 years. As a life-long learner, Spanish speaker and teacher, I am beyond excited with such developments.  The opportunity to study in Cuba would fulfill a dream I have had since learning its history in the 5th grade of my education."

Latin Students Compete at MassJCL State Convention

A group of Latin students attended the Massachusetts Junior Classical State Convention last weekend, where they participated in a number of competitions including chariot races, a toga parade, gladiator games, and artistic expressions.

Two students reported back on the event:

"State Convention was very fun! The two and a half days we spent there were filled with many activities, all related to Latin language, culture, literature, or mythology. Friday night there were academic tests, which were challenging, but very rewarding in the end. We did best in Certamen, a challenging contest with three teams racing to answer Latin related questions. We, as a team, got second place in the intermediate division of the Open Certamen. State Convention is also great if you've got an artistic side. Along with a talent show, art and literature can be submitted before Convention. As the smallest school there, we had to work hard to make ourselves known. But once we started mingling with the MassJCL's government, our 'small school' became a big hit. All in all, States inspired us to reform our own club's government and make a larger place for us in the state level organization as a whole."
​- ​Kira Solovay & Samantha Stephens

Séjour en France!

A group of French students travelled to France over April vacation as part of the long-running France Exchange, in partnership with the Lycée Saint Paul Bourdon Blanc in Orléans. To view the itinerary, please CLICK HERE. Students attended school with their host siblings, and visited a number of sites in the Loire Valley and Paris, among them: the Château Royal de Blois, La Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin, le Château de Chambord,  the cities Orléans and Chartres, la Tour Eiffel, le Louvre, Sacré Coeur, and more. Teachers Véronique Lahey and Meagan Bassett led the trip. Formidable!

Mandarin Field Trip to Chinatown

Mandarin students took a field trip to Chinatown in Boston last week as part of unit on food and shopping. Students explored food in Chinese grocery stores, a bakery, a traditional medicinal store where students learned how herbal medicine is put together, had a demonstration at the Gong Fu Academy, and finally ate in an authentic dim sum restaurant where they used their language skills to order food and discuss what they were eating. Mandarin teachers, Na L-Hogan and Konwen Yuen, led the excursion. 请享用! Qǐng xiǎngyòng! (Bon appétit!)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Gladiator Games Continue at the Ottoson!

Its second year running, Ottoson Latin students once again participated in the popular Gladiator Games, devised by Latin teacher Abbi Holt. To view the rules of the game, click here. Students use spoken Latin to cast spells as they battle each other. The day was a fun and interactive way to practice Latin and experience ancient cultures.

AATSP Poster Winner!

Congratulations to AHS student, Aya Burton, who won second place in a poster contest run by the Massachusetts Bay chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese! The poster theme was "un puente al futuro" ("a bridge to the future"). Aya will be awarded a monetary award for her work. ¡Felicidades!