Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Félicitations to this year's Café Parisien winners!

Students in French 4 once again participated in the Café Parisien competition designed by French teacher, Véronique Lahey. Following a real-world business model, students must work in small groups throughout the year to develop a business proposal for a new café they will open in Paris. Students present their work to a jury as if they were presenting to investors, with one group coming out the winner. The presentation must be thorough, including a café name, menu, location, research into potential customers, marketing and advertising strategy, and a financial plan. Students also prepare one dish from their menu for the jury. Throughout the year, all this work is done in French. Ms. Lahey was awarded a Department of Education Lighthouse Technology grant in 2001 to develop the project, and has been asked to present on it many times at Project-Based Learning conferences and the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association fall conference.

Congratulations to this year's winners!

First Place: "Le Petit Bonjour," Pauline Allor, Eva Donlan, & Sarah White

Second Place: "La Petite Poche," Catherine Tiffany, Julia Blass, & Andrea Abanto

Third Place: "Le Feu Ancien," Nicholas Madden, Zach Guion, & Dan Klingberg

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