Friday, May 23, 2014

Students Inducted in National World Language Honor Societies

In only its second year at Arlington High School, we are proud to announce that the following students were inducted recently into the National World Language Honor Societies of Arlington High School. Students must meet rigorous academic criteria and demonstrate a commitment to language learning in order to join these societies, which are currently offered for students in French, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Société Honoraire de Français
Julia Blass
Tim Chang
Marybeth Ciarlone
Shannon Coughlin
Ruth Ferrante
Zachary Guion
Allison Holt
Daniel Klingsberg
Nicholas Madden
Redate Negussie
Panagiotis Nikitas
Aidan O'Day
Emma Stewart
Catherine Tiffany
Camille Vitale

National Latin Honor Society
Meghan DeCourcey
Eryk Dobrushkin
William Doyle
Samuel Glick
Sara Hamilton
Ruby Kinnamon
Joseph Romano
Kaavya Senthil
Rahul Sompuram

National Chinese Honor Society
Mitchell Kwok

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
Anthony Aggouras
Rosella Aluia
Eliza Brush
Dominique Carey
Ellen Cayer
Jack Cohn
Aaron Colonnese
Gaurav Dangol
Rachel Domond
Katarina Gentile
Audrey Griffith
Marley Jurgensmeyer
Christina Kennedy
Megan Lo
Alexandra McElhoe
Diego Opperman
Anja Pajevic
Ammarah Rehman

Congratulations to these students for this wonderful academic achievement!

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