Wednesday, May 28, 2014

National French Exam Results

The National French Exam results are in! Arlington High School has 25 National prizewinners!
We are extremely proud of all our students!

French 2 Top Ten National Medal Winners:
Kate Carr
Alexander Klein
Tess Lavalley

Honorable Mention:
Nachiket Pathak
Minerva Veeser-Bovea
Clinton Garrahan

French 3 Top 10 National Medal Winners:
Kiran Gite --* Placing 1st in the state and 2nd nationally!
Alice Tracey
Bernardo Lowen Zordan
Ian Bernardin
Rachel Harrison
Madeline Goldstein
Grace Hoglund
Alice Liu

Honorable Mention:
Vignesh Chockalingam
Allison Candell
Louisa Kuper
Samuel O'Keefe
Kathryn Ray

French 4 Top 10 National Medal Winners:
Emanuele Vico
Luca Canepa

Honorable Mention:
Pauline Allqr
Zachary Guion

French 5 Honorable Mention:
Brooke Bernardin
Gabriel Nahn

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