Thursday, March 13, 2014

Félicitations à Hara Blanas - 1st Place Winner in French Oratory Contest!

I am so excited to share the wonderful news that Hara Blanas won first place in last night's Club Richelieu French Language Oratory Contest! This is the first time that any student from Arlington High School has participated in the contest. A student in Véronique Lahey's AP French class, Hara has had excellent preparation throughout her French studies, and will now be moving on to the regional contest, to be held on March 22. Hara was awarded $400 for her win. 

Hara had to prepare a speech addressing the following topic: If you could live in a francophone country -- any one in the world, but not in France -- where would you live and why? What would your life be like in this country?

To quote Véronique, "Hara dominated" !!

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