Thursday, February 13, 2014

AHS voyage au Québec!

Last weekend, 19 AHS students travel north as part of the bi-annual Québec Homestay. What would drive us north during a miserably cold winter, you ask? Only one thing... le Carnaval de Québec! Once a year for three weeks, Québec City is transformed into a winter playland, with ice sculptures decorating the city, an ice castle in front of the parliament where the Bonhomme du Carnaval lives, and a huge winter play area with tubing, dog racing, human foosball, hot springs, and more. As entrance "tickets" to the winter carnaval, little figurines of the Bonhomme are purchased and attached to jackets, and these can be seen being worn by almost everyone throughout the city. Another highlight of this time of year in Québec is the Hôtel de Glace -- the Ice Hotel. One of only two in the world, this hotel is constructed entirely of ice, and for a hefty price, you can stay overnight and sleep on an ice-bed!

French students experienced a truly amazing time in Québec! We will be going again in 2015-2016. A ne pas manquer! (Not to be missed!)

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