Wednesday, December 11, 2013

National World Language Honor Society Officers Hard at Work

This year marks the first that Arlington High School offers National Honor Societies for French, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish. Each honor society is sponsored by a teacher's organization:

Collectively, these societies are called the National World Language Honor Societies (NWLHS) of Arlington High School. NWLHS recently held a meeting with faculty adviser Véronique Lahey in which officers were nominated and work began on how the NWLHS could fulfill its mission of promoting foreign language study at AHS and in the Arlington community. 

NWLHS officers are as follows:
  • President: Jacob Malin (Latin & Spanish)
  • Vice President: Isabel Verghese (French)
  • Treasurer: Julia Wood (French)
  • Media and Communications: Sarah Daum (Spanish)
Officers are developing strategies for reaching out to the community about their language of study. For example, discussions are underway about designing presentations for middle school and elementary school students, designing ads or promotional materials for Discover Languages Month, and making videos showing the use of their language in the Arlington community at large.

We look forward to seeing the work of this dedicated group of students!

NWLHS Officers, hard at work!

Treasurer: Julia Wood
Media & Communications: Sarah Daum
Vice President: Isabel Verghese
President: Jacob Malin

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