Monday, September 23, 2013

Spanish Teachers Travel to Peru

Over the summer, four of Arlington's Spanish teachers -- Meagan Bassett, Katia Haberman and Christina Toro in the High School, and Anne Zachary in the Middle School -- travelled to Peru! Ms. Haberman is a native of Peru, and was returning home to visit her family over the summer. Ms. Bassett, Ms. Toro, and Ms. Zachary participated in a Primary Source program entitled, "Peru: History, Culture and Contemporary Life." In addition, Ms. Bassett was awarded an Arlington Education Foundation Continuing Scholar Award to participate in the program.

The trip was an enriching experience for all, and teachers are planning instructional units that incorporate their cultural experiences, bringing what they learned back to their students.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

AHS Language Lab - Phase 2 Renovations Complete!

Thanks to capital budget support, we were able to complete phase 2 of renovations to the language lab at the high school! Over the summer of 2012, brand-new laptops and headsets were purchased, and the lab was relocated to the World Language wing, making it more accessible to teachers. This summer, the lab was carpeted and student carrels were installed. These were crucial in supporting voice recording. 

The lab was opened for classes on Monday and so far, most students can be heard saying, "Wow!" when they get their first glimpse of the new space. It looks beautiful!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Travel Opportunities for 2014: China & Québec!

The World Language department is happy to sponsor two new travel opportunities for students this year... a China Exchange Program and a Québec Carnaval Homestay!

The China Exchange Program is open to all students, grades 9-12. The exchange will be between AHS and the High School Affiliated with Beijing Normal University. Students will host Chinese students in the beginning of February, and then we will travel to Beijing over April vacation. We will visit the Great Wall of China, Tienanmen Square, the Forbidden City and other sites during our trip. For more information please click here. If you are interested in signing up, please see Ms. Ritz in the World Language office, room 510. The deadline for signing up is October 1

The Québec Carnaval Homestay is open to all students enrolled in French, grades 9-12. We will travel by bus to Québec on January 31 and stay three nights. We will be in Québec during the annual carnival, so will take advantage of all the fun activities there including toboggan rides, the winter sports village, and a visit to the amazing ice hotel. Students will stay with Québécois families during the stay, so will be able to practice their French during the trip! For more information, click here. To sign up, please see Ms. Ritz in the World Language office, room 510. The deadline for signing up is October 15.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Travel to Italy - April 2014

  Travel to Italy! 

April 2014

 AHS staff members Cheryl Christo and Sabato D’Agostino are leading a cultural trip to Italy.
This trip is open to ALL AHS students (grades 9-12) and there are spaces available for adults. (you will not be a chaperone!)
Depart April  2014
9 Days, 7 nights

Venice, Florence, Rome, Verona, Assisi 

For further info;

 Cheryl Christo
Tino D’Agostino

Sign on now as space is limited and also lock in your air taxes!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WL Dept. Highlighted in Superintendent's Newsletter

All of the exciting goings-on in our wonderful department have been highlighted in the Superintendent's most recent newsletter to the community. The full newsletter can be read here.

Academic Highlights
Mandarin Expands, Italian Returns and Creativity Shines in Language Education 
A vibrant learning environment exists at both Ottoson and AHS, as innovative and thoughtful curricula combine with our ability to offer important international and classic languages to our students. This year we have expanded our Mandarin instruction to include two classes of Mandarin 1A in the seventh grade. In addition, one of the World Language Exploratory teachers who has been studying Mandarin for a number of years has created a Mandarin unit for the sixth grade exploratory program. Supporting this growth, Na Lu-Hogan, a native of China, has joined us as a Mandarin instructor. She will split her time between Ottoson and AHS, where we are now offering four full- years of instruction. We are proud to report that we have approximately 40 seventh graders starting the language at Ottoson and about fifty students are enrolled in levels 1-4 at AHS.

We are also working on expanding our China Exchange program this year. Last February, we welcomed 30 young men and women from one of the oldest and best-known secondary schools in China to homes in Arlington. This year we will be hosting Chinese students again, but we also want to send some of our students to Beijing. We are currently recruiting for this April trip, and more information can be found by clicking here.

Italian has returned to AHS thanks to a grant from Centro Attivita Scholastiche Italiane. Tony Di Sanzo, a native Italian speaker who has taught Spanish part-time in Arlington for the past two years, will be teaching Italian 1. The enrollment of approximately 75 students has necessitated the creation of three sections. This reflects the importance of the language to members of our community. We now offer five languages at AHS and four at Ottoson. In addition, we offer Arabic, American Sign Language, German, Japanese and Russian online through the Brigham Young University Independent Study Program. You may learn more about this program by clicking here. Diverse offerings enable our students to choose a language they are excited about, enhancing their ability to reach higher levels of proficiency.

The addition of French and Spanish Cinema courses at the high school last year is an example of how creative programming can encourage conversation. The purchase of a green screen will enable our students to create their own films as well. The renovation of the AHS language lab, coupled with a mobile language lab (iPad cart) at Ottoson is enabling us to integrate technology thoughtfully to promote and expand learning.

We hope to continue growing our program in the years to come. We recognize the importance of
language to the global economy, and the fact that experiencing another culture via understanding the language is an experience that changes lives. You can read about the the mission of our dedicated language teachers by clicking here.