Monday, June 11, 2012

Speak Mandarin Arlington! Project Launch

Our excellent Mandarin exchange teacher, Bo Yu, will shortly be returning to China! While we are sad to see him go, we will be keeping a strong connection with him when he returns to his home school. We received a project grant from TCLP to launch a videoblogging project between our American students who are learning Mandarin, and Bo's Chinese students who are learning English.

As a first step, Bo filmed his current students presenting themselves in Mandarin. When school begins in the fall, and he is back at his home school, his students will respond, and we will begin a true dialogue with them. We're planning to post at least one video blog per month on a variety of topics, both in Mandarin and English. We hope this project will help students develop better cultural understanding of their Chinese friends, while also improving listening and speaking skills.

All the students who are participating have signed release forms.

Thank you, Bo, for your hard work this year and for the enthusiasm you instilled in your students!

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