Monday, May 7, 2012

Teachers Attend MaFLA "Diversity Day"

Three members of the World Language Department attended the annual "Diversity Day" on Saturday, May 5th, in Newton. This professional day is sponsored by the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association and focuses on culturally and pedagogically enriching lectures and discussions for various languages: French, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish.

Merridith Minerd, who teaches Spanish at Ottoson Middle School, attended the Spanish strand, where she learned about Medieval Spain, Project-Based Learning through Spanish Film, and Feminism in Latin American literature.

Ed Foley, who teaches Latin at Arlington High School, attended the Latin strand, where he learned about Ovid in Renaissance Art, Teaching Aphrodite, and Active Latin Pedagogy.

Catherine Ritz, who teaches French and Spanish in Arlington High School, attended the French strand, where she learned about the Culture of Maghreb, Cultural Diversity in Martinique, and Discovering the French Carribean.

To learn more about this important professional conference, please go to or click here.

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