Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Study of Spanish Artists Brings Culture & Language Into the Classroom

In Emmy Robinson’s Spanish class, students have been presenting a cultural project that allowed them to delve into the lives of a Spanish artist of their choice. Ms. Robinson asked students to choose any artist they were interested in as the focus of their project: from painters to sculptors to musicians to architects. Students researched the artist, prepared a presentation to share with the class, and created an original piece of art in the style of the artist. The presentations were, of course, done entirely in Spanish! And the artwork these students created was truly amazing. Students made architectural models, painted, made sculptures, and one boy even wrote and played a song on his guitar, which he then embedded on Glogster for his presentation. This is the perfect example of what we in the world language department strive for: marrying cultural understanding with linguistic ability. Bravo to the students for their excellent work!

Student painting in the style of Oswaldo Guyasamín, by Ashley Smith

Student Architectural Model in the style of Santiago Calatrava, by Julia Erskine and Anahis Kechejian

Student Rendering of Painting by José Manuel Merello, by Lisa Lucero and Jessie Page  

Student Architectural Model in the style of Santiago Calatrava, by Will White

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