Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Day of iPods in the World Language Department!

Students in Catherine Ritz's French class today were the first to get their hands on the new iPod Touches, funded through a grant from the Arlington Education Foundation. Matt Pisano, from the Technology Department, set up wifi in the World Language wing, and configured the iPods so they can be synced simultaneously. (Thank you Matt!)

To test out the Touches in class today, Catherine had students create photo stories with audio narrations using a free app called VoiceThread. Students have been practicing speaking in the past tense, so the assignment was straightforward: make up any story you want and narrate it using the two past tenses in French. The class didn't need much to get them going! Students went out in the hall to take pictures, pointed the iPod out the window to snap photos, and one pair even pulled out a small toy giraffe to pose for them! After the students took their pictures, they went back and recorded a sentence for each picture describing what was happening. Finally, they emailed their creations to Catherine, who posted them on her class blog: Any students who finished early spent time exploring the many language-related apps that Catherine had already loaded onto all the iPods. (Although a French class, most students were very excited to listen to the radio in Chinese!)

Here are some photos of the class at work:

Here's a sample creation:

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