Friday, February 10, 2012

2012-2013 Program of Studies now available!

The program of studies is now available for the 2012-2013 school year. Please click here or click on the Program of Studies tab above to view the courses offered in the World Language Department.

We are proud to offer four languages at Arlington High School, and are excited to announce some new courses and electives for students:

  • Spanish Cinema & French Cinema: Year 5 French and Spanish courses (generally taken by seniors) will now be focused on studying film to enhance conversational skills. These courses are a university-style alternative to the AP courses we offer.
  • Español para Hispanohablantes: Students who speak Spanish at home or have recently moved to the United States will be able to focus on developing reading and writing skills in their native language. This course will help prepare them for upper-level Spanish classes, such as AP. This course will count towards the graduation requirement for language classes.
  • Digital Language Course: In order to bring a wider variety of languages to our students, we are working with Brigham and Young University's Independent Study program, where students can choose from the following languages which they will study online: Arabic, ASL, German, Japanese, Russian. There is a fee associated with this course. Please click here for more information. This course does not count towards the graduation requirement.
  • Introduction to Linguistics: This semester-long course will give students an overview of Linguistics. What is it?  What is language? Why is the study of language important?  This course does not count towards the graduation requirement.
  • Endangered Languages: In this semester-long course, students will "adpot" an endangered language, which they will study in depth. What are endangered languages? Why should we care about them? Where are they spoken?  This course does not count towards the graduation requirement.
Please speak to your teacher or contact the Director with any questions.

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