Thursday, January 5, 2012

Saturnalia Festivities at the High School

The Latin Club met today to celebrate Saturnalia in the High School, and a sacrificial lamb (cake) was slaughtered! Club adviser, Ed Foley, told students about how the Romans celebrated this important harvest festival, when the slaves got to be the masters for the day. Students baked a cake in the shape of a lamb that they happily slaughtered (and ate in its entirety!) for the gods. Mr. Foley showed students how to make traditional hats out of paper, which were worn by the slaves to show they were masters. The club had initially planned to wear togas for the festivities, but learned that these were not traditionally worn during Saturnalia. To be sure the gods were sufficiently appeased, a few Twinkies were also slaughtered for good measure!

The Sacrifice of the Lamb (cake!)

Traditional Slave Hats

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