Friday, December 23, 2011

AP Multi-Lingual Celebrations at the High School!

This year, Advanced Placement French, Latin, and Spanish teachers decided to celebrate the holidays by turning their students into teachers. Teachers Véronique Lahey, Abbi Holt, and Emmy Robinson got all of their AP students together during a long block and had them teach each other their languages. The students cooked authentic food from the countries where their language is spoken, taught each other authentic holiday songs, and even danced and played music! French students got to try on sombreros, Spanish students ate roman pasta dishes, and Latin students ate crêpes. Mandarin Chinese teacher Bo Yu even joined in the celebration and led the students in a traditional Chinese song.

Traditional Roman Pastas

French Crêpes

A Traditional Chinese Song Was Sung by All

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Latin Club Celebrates "Saturnalia"

The Ottoson Middle School Latin Club met today to learn about "Saturnalia," the Roman winter festival. Organized by Latin teachers Rachel Kirtley and Cassandra Mea, students made edible dormice (yes, that's edible door-mice!). While the Romans actually ate dormice, Latin Club students made theirs out of oreos, maraschino cherries, Hershey's kisses, and M&Ms. The "mice" were delicious and everyone had a fantastic time!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Latin Students Out on Annual Higgins Armory Field Trip

Latin students and Arlington High School's two excellent Latin teachers, Abbi Holt and Ed Foley, made their annual voyage to the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester to explore life as a roman legionary and ancient warfare. Students were able to try on armor and practice tactical maneuvers using ancient weaponry. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Middle School Teacher Attends Global Language Conference

Middle School French and Spanish Teacher, Anne Zachary, attended the international Convention and World Language Expo hosted by ACTFL (American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages) in Denver, Colorado. The convention theme was "Empowering Language Educators Through Collaboration."

Friday, October 28, 2011

Director of World Languages Catherine Ritz presents two sessions at the MAFLA (Massachusetts Foreign Language Association) Fall Conference

New World Language Director, Catherine Ritz, presented two sessions at the MAFLA Fall Conference: "Twitter for Professional Development" and "Speak & Share Online." She was also the lucky winner of an I-Pad! Three World Language department members also attended this important conference: Paula Nicholas, French teacher at Ottoson Middle School; Ed Foley, Latin teacher at Arlington High School; and Emmy Robinson, Spanish teacher at Arlington High School. The annual conference provides World Language teachers with essential professional development, ensuring they are current in best practices.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

French Teacher Véronique Lahey presents Café Parisien project at the Project Based Learning Conference at Regis College

Distinguished Arlington High School French teacher and Arlington resident, Véronique Lahey, was one of a few teachers selected to present at the Project-Based Learning Conference held at Regis College. Ms. Lahey discussed the Café Parisien project she developed while working at Arlington High School. Five high-school seniors were in attendance as well to discuss the impact this project had on their learning.

For more information on the conference, please click here.

For more information on the Cafe Parisien project, please click here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arlington Public Schools to Host a Mandarin Teacher from China

Arlington Public Schools
869 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02476

Press Release

June 14, 2011

Arlington High School will host a Mandarin teacher from China for the 2011-2012 school year. This exchange teacher was awarded by the Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP), a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State, and implemented by American Councils for International Education. Arlington High School is honored to receive this teacher as only one out of three applicants was approved to host one of the 15 TCLP teachers from China for the coming school year.

In response to this award, Superintendent Kathleen Bodie said, “We are very pleased to receive this exchange teacher, who will provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn Mandarin and to become more familiar with China, a nation that continues to grow in importance in the global business and cultural arena.”

Arlington’s assigned teacher, Mr. Bo Yu, is from Beijing, China and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Language from Capital Normal University of China. He has been teaching English at Beijing No. 4 High School (2,100 students and 150 teachers), one of the most prestigious high schools in China, since 2008. In addition to the English Language courses that he teaches, he conducts elective courses on Chinese Traditional Culture, as well as Beijing Tourism. He believes that family is very important, and in his spare time he enjoys singing, playing traditional instruments, badminton, and traveling. Mr. Yu’s goal for the year is to bring traditional Chinese culture to his Arlington classroom. He is also looking to learn about American teaching
methodologies, as well as U.S. customs and traditions, from his new colleagues. “Mr. Yu will help us to fulfill our 21st century goal of increasing global understanding that our current Mandarin teacher, XiaQing Rotstein, has already begun with several students” said AHS Principal Charles Skidmore.

Mrs. Rotstein, Arlington High School’s current part-time Mandarin teacher, is being funded for a second year through an anonymous gift by a local Arlington donor. Mr. Yu will teach Mandarin language classes in the High School, providing increased access to a language that has proven very much in demand during its first year of instruction. Mr. Yu will also work with Social Studies teachers at the Ottoson Middle School to provide depth and enrichment to the middle school curriculum where aspects of Chinese history, culture and geography are taught in all three years. The Teachers of Critical Languages Program seeks to strengthen Mandarin Chinese language instruction at U.S. schools, while also providing selected exchange teachers the opportunity to learn about U.S. teaching methodologies, culture, and society. This is the sixth group of TCLP teachers to come to U.S. primary or secondary schools to teach Mandarin Chinese and to serve as a cultural resource in the host school and community for one academic year.

Veronique Lahey, AHS French teacher who will serve as mentor for Mr. Yu, echoes the sentiments of the faculty and staff in saying “we look forward to welcoming our exchange teacher to the High School and introducing him to the Arlington community upon his arrival later this summer.”

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